Acha T. Pigott

The Fallen Has Risen

“In the realm where shadows dance, A tale unfolds, of fate and chance. The Fallen Has Risen, whispers the breeze, A story of sorrow, redemption, and peace.

Within the depths of the darkest wood, A lone figure walked, where none others could. His heart weighed heavy, his spirit confined, A man in search of redemption, to unwind.

The sins of his past, a tale long untold, The tears of the fallen, the hearts he’d grown cold. Yet, within his soul, a spark still did burn, For a chance to make right, and finally, to learn.

The moon shone bright, the stars in his eyes, He wandered alone, beneath midnight skies. Through the thicket and thorns, his journey led on, With hope as his compass, his fear was all gone.

Upon the hill, the ancient tree stood, Its wisdom and strength, had long been understood. To this hallowed ground, the man was now drawn, His fate to be altered, by the break of the dawn.

As the sun arose, with hues soft and bright, The man stood in silence, awaiting the light. From the deepest reaches of his wounded heart, He cried out for mercy, a chance to restart.

The winds whispered softly, the leaves rustled near, The tree’s ancient wisdom, bestowed upon the seer. Forgiveness was granted, but with one condition, To heal the hearts broken, in humble submission.

The man vowed to change, to mend what was torn, To lift up the fallen, and bear their forlorn. His journey now altered, his path clear ahead, He strode with new purpose, leaving sorrow for dead.

Through villages and towns, his compassion did shine, The fallen he lifted, their burdens he’d twine. The hearts that were shattered, now healed and anew, His redemption, a testament, to what love can undo.

And so, the story of the fallen did rise, A tale of redemption, in the world’s watchful eyes. For as long as the winds whispered, the stars shone above, The Fallen Has Risen, through the power of love.”

In the realm where shadows dance, A tale unfolds, of fate and chance. The Fallen Has Risen, whispers the breeze, A story of sorrow, redemption, and peace.

These enchanting verses, woven with lyrical grace, transport us to a world where shadows and light intertwine, where destinies are shaped by the delicate threads of fate and chance. In “The Fallen Has Risen,” a poignant poem that echoes with profound themes of redemption, Frank-Thomas invites us to embark on a journey of introspection and transformation.

As I delve into this poetic narrative, I am captivated by the imagery of a lone figure traversing the depths of the darkest wood, where no others dare to venture. It is within the heart of this protagonist that we witness the burden of a troubled past, the weight of remorse and the longing for redemption. The sins left untold, the hearts left cold, and yet, a flickering spark of hope still resides within his soul—a yearning to make amends and learn from the mistakes of his past.

Under the ethereal glow of the moon and the shimmering stars that adorn his path, the man walks with steadfast determination. His journey, fraught with thorns and obstacles, is guided by the compass of hope, dissolving his fears and igniting his resolve. It is atop a sacred hill, where an ancient tree stands as a symbol of wisdom and endurance, that our protagonist finds himself drawn—his fate on the precipice of change as the dawn approaches.

With the rising sun, painting the horizon in soft hues of warmth and renewal, the man stands in solemn silence, his heart heavy with the weight of his transgressions. From the depths of his wounded soul, he cries out for mercy, for a chance to rewrite his story. In a mystical encounter with the winds and rustling leaves, the ancient tree imparts its wisdom to the seeker. Forgiveness is offered, but not without a condition—to heal the broken hearts he once left in sorrow, to humbly submit to the power of compassion.

And so, the man’s path shifts, his purpose reshaped. With unwavering determination, he journeys through villages and towns, embodying the transformative power of love and empathy. The fallen souls, burdened and shattered, find solace and restoration through his touch. With every mended heart, the man becomes a testament to the remarkable potential of redemption.

“The Fallen Has Risen” concludes with a resounding message—a timeless reminder that the forces of love and compassion can uplift even the most broken spirits. As long as the winds continue to whisper their secrets and the stars shimmer above, the story of the fallen will forever resonate in the watchful eyes of the world. It stands as a beacon of hope, encouraging us all to embark on our own journeys of self-discovery and healing, to recognize the power within ourselves to rise above our past and embrace the transformative embrace of love.

In closing, “The Fallen Has Risen” offers a profound reflection on the human experience—the capacity for growth, redemption, and the everlasting power of love. Through this enchanting tale, we are reminded that our past need not define us, that the darkness within can be illuminated by the light of compassion. May we, like the protagonist of this poem, find the courage to rewrite our narratives and rise above our own shadows, for it is in our journey towards redemption that we discover the true essence of our humanity.

Acha T. Pigott