Personal Growth

What experience do I need to write about?

The experiences I need to write about is my own transformational experience and the tools I have used to do so.

I need to share that on my homepage because I believe that what we miss most in this world is everyday peoples own transformational experiences. Collectively we have what it takes to change our world around to a better place for all.

We have all the information needed to create a more friendly, passionate and loving mankind, but most of us is not sharing our knowledge, so the needed information stays hidden, and thus mankind keeps on walking around in a darker place then it has to.

I think that way to many parents today births children into a society that produces losers and victims. I think that we uphold our dark spiral in mankind by not sharing our personal stories about how we have changed ourselves from the person we were before to the person we are today.

I think that we need to promote a understanding that me and you have life stories to tell, that can motivate and inspire people around us to better themselves and in doing so better the society we all live in.

For a person like me that have transformed myself and believes in reincarnation, it’s utterly stupid not to share my transformational story in order to motivate and create better mankind to reincarnate back into the next time around.

Look at mankind’s history for the last 2000 years, and it should be quite obvious that reincarnating back to earth the next 2000 years is a gamble for anyone wanting to experience a peaceful and loving incarnation.

We don’t need more healers, methods, psychologist or priests to save us. We need to understand that we are our own saviour, that what we have been through and transformed is enough to transformed the rest of society.

But we need to make those transformational stories and paths known in order to speed up mankind’s collective transformation.

This is the experience I need to write about. This is what many of us needs to understand and share. This is what’s needed in order to shift mankind onto a more positive path of peace and love in stead of war and hate.