The Nepali TxTArt Tiles Series

The Nepali TxTArt Tiles Volume One

This world of ours is full of wisdom and beauty. Every person belonging to this planet carries a story within, waiting to be told. Our minds, heart and soul are yearning to communicate, wanting to share and be heard.

We are all creators, even those who only seem to destroy and dismantle. We are all singers, dancers and seers, even though we might be mute, lame and blind.

Sometimes all it takes, is for someone to see us, hear our silent voice and mirror our divine beauty in order for us to come alive and enter the centre stage in our own life.

With The Nepali TxTArt Tiles series, I aim to show some of the unique beauty and wisdom that I found and channelled from the land where Lord Buddha was born.

The people you will see as illustrative models in The Nepali TxTArt Tiles are citizens of Nepal, most of them lived in Kathmandu when their TxTArt Tile was created.

Every one of them has a story to tell, and even though the text in the tile does not represent them personally, I think their share presence in my TxTArt work speaks volumes. Volumes of beauty, wisdom, compassion, hope and dreams. They are truly beautiful people!

I am stoked that they were willing to be featured in my TxTArt Tiles as illustrative models. The tiles were launched on a Facebook project called “FTHA – Freedom Through Holistic Approach”. This project no longer exists on Facebook.

The Nepali TxTArt Tiles Volume One, consists of 6 tiles and reflections and is the first volume in a three-part series. Volume Two is on the editing table, and Volume Three is still in the planning phase.


The Nepali TxTArt Tiles

Light as a feather.

Much of the hurt and pain we feel in our everyday life is not intentional. We don’t really mean to hurt someone, it just seems to happen, when we bounce by or move head-on with another person.

In order to inflict pain, we ourselves must have pain within our hearts or confusion in our minds, or even worse, darkness in our souls. Only then can we inflict pain intentionally.

If darkness has a grip on our hearts and soul, even if we are not consciously aware of it, we will end up hurting others, because we ourselves are hurt, and we risk ending up in a downward spiral of giving and receiving pain.

But if we take a conscious choice to transform our inner darkness and fill our hearts with love, if we make sure our mind is free from the darkness of envy, anger and fear, then we can walk through life with footsteps as light as a feather.

The Nepali TxTArt Tiles

If love knows no colour.

Love is such a complex word. It’s simple enough, consisting of 4 letters only, in English. In Norwegian, it’s much longer; kjærlighet. It’s easy for Norwegians, but it’s still a complex word.

And love gets vastly more complex and challenging when we add feelings, expectations, promises and envy to the word. Then love can go blind, it can turn sour and bitter, and it’s out of reach and bleak.

Love can turn to hate in a split second. Love can become something you fight against, and not something you fight for if it always seems unreachable like an evasive arc.

For love to be lovely, we ourselves must be filled with love. Our minds, energy and souls must be filled with more light and clarity than darkness and confusion, so we can give, receive and feel love, without being torn apart.

The Nepali TxTArt Tiles

The tunes you are given.

If life is a song, then you are both the composer, the musician and the singer. And in order to make your life song durable and everlasting, you must harness all the skills needed to create your song.

You must work tirelessly every day with what you got at any given moment. You cannot expect to get it right the first time, and you cannot compose, play or sing with what you don’t have or with what’s not yours. You will have to play the tunes life gives you, and not the tunes you wished you had.

Some days your life song will sound like shit and you can’t seem to get it right no matter how hard you try. Your voice is sore, your fingers are stiff and you can’t even see your own text.

But if you keep at it, then one day it will all come together and fall into place. You have unravelled all the difficulties, mastered the alterations and cleaned up your text. And then you can finally sing out loud: How wonderful it is to feel free!

The Nepali TxTArt Tiles

The reflection of you.

We, the people on this planet, tend to look outside of ourselves for what’s desirable. We spend a vast amount of time wrestling to be best, competing for recognition and searching for something to add in order to become better, good – best.

We tell ourselves that we are not good enough, not clever enough, and not beautiful enough, to be worthy of each other’s adore. We lift, squeeze, paint, cover and manipulate ourselves into a configuration that we think is desirable to others.

In doing this we cover up our divine spark of inner beauty. We lose our authentic selves and become a meek copy of someone we are not. There is nothing wrong with bettering yourself and your life, but there is no need to move away from what and who you are in order to achieve this.

Be the natural you, the beautiful and breathtaking divinity that you were intended to be, and listen to the Gods in every heaven: “Our beauty is reflected within you. Respect your inner temple and beauty will shine through you, no matter what you do!”

The Nepali TxTArt Tiles

I’m tired of lying to myself.

You put on a brave face. You pretend that all is OK. You smile and laugh like life is full of bliss and happiness. When faced with the question: “How are you doing?”, you reply, “I’m good!”

This is a lie. You are lying to yourself. Lying to others, hiding the uncomfortable knowledge that you are not good, not OK, that you really feel like crying. Your soul is dying when you do this.

To prevent soul death you need to be honest with yourself, as the darkness of lying is poison to the soul, to your mind and heart. You need to grab hold of and own your pain in order to understand it and set it free. It doesn’t matter if your pain is inflicted by others or caused by yourself. If you feel it, you own it!

If you don’t own it. If you don’t acknowledge and respect your inner pain, then this darkness will own you. And in the end, it will control you and become you.

Become who you really are. Heale your pain and set yourself free.

The Nepali TxTArt Tiles

Disharmonic chatter.

The constant stream of input and output in our modern world is a threat to our inner peace of mind. We are faced with a neverending flux of do or do not, shall or shall not, good or bad, push or pull.

We are penetrated and invaded with opinions, thoughts, rules, dogmas and beliefs, that are screaming for our attention, portraying as truths that we must listen to in order to know what’s good for us.

This flood of constant chatter and demands hides the fact that you already know what’s good for you. You are borne with a seed of this knowledge. You will instinctively know what’s right for you if your surroundings allow you to discover this for yourself.

In order to discover this knowledge of what’s truly you, you need to disconnect from your invasive environment. You need to silence your mind so you can hear your own inner voice, and the voices supporting it.

Silence speaks loudest when your intention is to listen to yourself.