My latest digital design and web design

I have had the opportunity to help an intriguing Nepali artist get his first website up and running, and designing his website artist logo to go with the site.

Ugem Manandhar is his name and ArtPop is his artistic portfolio site. Put it together and you’ll get “ArtPop by Ugem Manandhar”.

I have known him through Facebook for some years now, and I have nothing but respect for this versatile and exploratory Nepali artist.

Many of his works is really fascinating, some are challenging to see and some of his paintings brings out deep admiration in me.

I have also had the possibility to collaborate with him in a project, where I tried to put text so some of his pictures. This was really an interesting challenge and I’m both glad and honoured to have had this opportunity to work with another artist in co-creation.

Head over to his artist portfolio online to get to know him and his works. Click his artist logo to get to his site.