Shout Out Tools I Use

Look, It’s a SuperMan SuperAI!!

ChatGPT with Superpowers! Yes it exists, and its name is Superpower ChatGPT. And to me its the most useful electronic tool I have ever had. Its like ChatGPT with a freaking took belt for all your necessary tools to get the job done and keeping your workplace nice and tidy.

You can sync and search history locally from machine to tab to mobile, create folders, export all chats, pin messages, save favourite prompts, change tone/writing style, see archived chats, access thousands of community prompts, add customizable power prompts and read daily newsletter.

If you are, or will be, working with different projects at the same time, then the folder option in Superpower ChatGPT is a treat. And the simple way to instruct ChatGPT to react in a special tone and writing style, adopting to the projects style is really valuable.

And Saeed Ezzati who has developed this Superpower ChatGPT is still developing and adding new features to it. The development of AI and ChatGPT tools is in the fast lane at the moment, so I expect this Superpower ChatGPT to become even more useful in the future! And I’ll be right here waiting to utilise this AI tool.

Click the link to learn more about Superpower ChatGPT. I am not affiliated with Superpower ChatGPT, so I do not gain anything from sharing this info and link. I do it because this is a tool that is important for me and my work, and I would like to share that with you.