Hello, world!

Welcome to my new homepage! Yet another homepage you say? Yes, yet another homepage, but I think this one will last longer than the other home pages I have created.

It’s all about finding the right format and finding a way to present myself to the world that is authentic to me. And To do that I needed to figure out what sides of me I should put on the front page so to speak.

Of all the things that I have done in my life, of all the different skills and interests I have harnessed over the years, I have chosen 4 that I feel represent me in a good and honest way.

These 4 facets of me; actor, writer, artist, and human, are like doors into my life. By walking in one door you will be able to learn something about me from what I highlight behind that door. If you open all 4 doors, you will get 4 perspectives of me that you might find interesting.

Not because I’m an interesting person, but because you are interested, in learning something about yourself by looking behind my doors.

As of now, in late February 2023, there is not much behind my doors. It’s sparsely decorated for now, but I hope to fill up my rooms with interesting perspectives, views, thoughts and reflections.

So please come back now and then to check for updates.