TxTArt Tiles


Feelings are complicated. Period! They feel too much, too little. They appear at the wrong time, too late, and not soon enough, at the wrong moment. Feelings are complicated, especially difficult ones.

Some days, life is shit! You are less than your lowest self. You are darker than coal, greyer than all the shades put together, and your mind sucks you in and holds you down.

Those days are important. They can show you the way towards the light if you remember to lift your head and remind yourself that tomorrow might be a better day.

When faced with really shitty days you can do one of two things. You can just sit there and wait for it to become better. To become less shitty. Or you can try to understand why you feel like you do.

The first and obvious reason for your hard feelings might be easy to understand, but if you dig deeper into your feelings and triggers, then another perspective might present itself.

That deeper perspective, if and when you find it, is worth its weight in gold, so to speak. Especially if this is a recurring perspective, a trigger that has punched you in the gut before, then you should try to be thankful for the fact that you have discovered it!

You should hold on to that discovery and not throw it away. Don’t hold on to the pain, but hold on to the reason you discovered, the reason that led to the pain at a deeper level. Hold on to it in order to fully understand it – then release it!

“A broken Dream on a smiling face That’s me!”, is a quote from a sweet friend of mine that has faced his share of pain. He puts on a brave and smiling face in all situations, even the difficult ones. Not because he is running away from pain or trying to suppress it, but because he is used to being the smiling and shining one amongst friends.

Difficult feelings can be harder for him than for me because I have lived a really difficult life for many years, so I’m kinda used to handling hard feelings and lowered mood.

Maybe you are like him. The smiling and shining one, that always seems to be in a happy place. If so I must give you the advice I gave him: Don’t give up on yourself even though life is hard!

Try to remember that you, yes You! have a lot to give to the world, your surroundings and the people you care about. But sometimes even you need some downtime. Even you must be allowed to feel down and out.

You, him and I need some time to think things through every now and then so that we can continue on our task of evolving ourselves to an even higher level of understanding. And thus develop our life and interpersonal skills in a positive way.

Life is not meant to be easy. It’s meant to be lived, and that my friend, will include going through hard times and facing some pain. Remember, you are going to face it, not keep it.

Even though feelings can be really hard and complicated, never give up on yourself. Ever!