AI World


AI is on the move and we simple humans are struggling to keep up with this artificial intelligence. We don’t know whether to love it, hate it or fear it. And I’m sure IT doesn’t know either!

In late August 2022, I was invited into the DALL·E universe to create and explore. At the time only 1 million users worldwide were accepted so I felt kinda special for a while. AI and I working together to create art! Who would have thought that would happen?

As of now, in February 2023 AI has been let loose, stopped and restrained, while people way smarter than me are trying to figure out how to deal with this intelligence, that we have created but don’t understand.

I am struggling to understand how I can use DALL·E in a productive way, and I’m not even close to figuring this out, so I’m just a happy amateur when it comes to using AI and DALL·E as a creative and artistic tool.

My hope and wish for using DALL·E was to create illustrative images for my TxTArt projects. Even though I’m still wrestling to understand DALL·E, I have managed to obtain some rather artistic images by giving DALL·E simple instructions.

I hope to get to know DALL·E better as we continue to work together, so that “It” can do the illustrative work and I can focus on manifesting texts for my TxTArt project.

After all, I’m first and foremost a writer, and an actor, and then the rest of my artistic scale.